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Diaphragm vessel

Nineteenth-century archaeologists gave this support, which was distinctive and exclusive of the Bolognese ceramic manufacturing, the denomination of “diaphragm vessel”, given the presence of a horizontal plane dividing the inner part into two sections.

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Several hypotheses were made about its use: among these it should be reminisced that the object was assumed to be chafing dish, in which embers were probably put in the lower part, whereas a dish to warm was laid, in all likelihood, on the diaphragm. As yet we don’t have sufficient archaeological evidence to support this or that hypothesis about its function.
The whole external surface of this exemplar is punched, and punching is repeated on parallel bands. It represents fawns, sphinxes, grass snakes, and radial circlets. In the middle there is the figure of a small warrior equipped with weapons, helmet, shield and a double spear.

Provenance: Bologna, Necropolis of Stradello della Certosa, tomb 23
Datation: 7th century B.C.
Material: Ceramics
Dimensions: h. 26.5 cm; maximum diameter 22.5 cm
Inventory #: 25889

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