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Here are suggested a series of in-depth thematic itineraries for each civilization.


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Museums: Itineraries | Egyptian Collection: Old Kingdom

Egypt reaches political unity towards the end of the 4th millennium, when a sovereign of the kingdom of the South, Menes, conquers the Delta and puts an end to the…

Museums: Itineraries | Egyptian Collection: Middle Kingdom

The Egyptian territorial unity, shattered at the end of the 6th dynasty, is restored by the Theban king of 11th Dynasty Montuhotep II, which puts an end to the First…

Museums: Itineraries | Egyptian Collection: New Kingdom

The New Kingdom (18th-20th dynasties: 1539-1075 BC), a long historical period during which Egypt plays a leading role in the political scene of the Near East, born from that "national"…

Museums: Itineraries | Egyptian Collection: Third Intermediate Period - Late Period

With the end of the 20th dynasty, Egypt loses again its territorial and political unity: starts then the Third Intermediate Period (21st-24th Dynasties: ca. 1075-716 BC). If the south of…

Museums: Itineraries | Egyptian collection: Ptolemaic Period

With the conquest of Alexander the Great (332 BC), who takes possession of Egypt during the war against the Persian Empire, the Pharaonic phase of the Egyptian civilization ends. Alexander,…

Museums: Itineraries | Egyptian Collection: the grave goods

Many of the monuments and objects that come to us from ancient Egypt have been found in tombs and were part of grave goods. The typology and the wealth of…

38 results in 7 pages 123»